SQL Vista and/or Saved Procs approach. If you are new to Crystal states, a person cantry report wizard, then again if you're looking expert reporting, werecommend you to abstract reporting device from its DB inquiries with SQL Viewor SQL Stored process where parameters have always been translated towards CR parametersautomatically. At Dynamics GP GreatPlains it is possible to go right ahead and generate personalized SQL objects as part of GP business databasedirectly. At SAP BO, then again Early Watchservice creates its policeman work and you cannot desire to setting personalized SQL objectsinto SB1 business or even program databases, rather generate new database SB1Customization,for illustration and put SQL see or even Stored process around. In case, when you've got some companiesin SAP Business any, you should look at making use of Exec statement inside storedprocedure to create regard


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